QFWF Animal Wisdom Collection no. 3 Buddha as an Animal is out!


Buddha as an Animal

English e-book, 2022

ISBN: 978 94 921 27 075

The third e-book Buddha as an Animal, as originally told in the Jatakamala by Arya Shura, features stories retold by Greg Suffanti.

Various of his stories about the animal wisdom of Buddha are in poetic form!

Greg himself has illustrated the stories with watercolors.

Singer and composer Henry Muldrow turned one of the stories – The Great Goose – into a rap version…

Th e-book is a bundle of all those stories from the Buddhist Jataka Narratives in which Buddha is presented as an animal.

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Via animal-wisdom@questforwisdom.org
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Early bird price until September 21, 2022: € 9.50 per e-book
QFWF Friends Early bird price until September 21, 2022: € 7.50 per e-book

After September 21, 2022

€ 12.50 per e-book
QFWF Friend (inn) and € 9.50 per e-book

Downloadable as a full colour PDF after purchase

  • Intercultural storytelling bundles
  • Story collections from cultural storytelling traditions from North, South, East, West
  • English and Multilingual edition. The Dutch edition will be launched in August 2022.
A hundred percent of the revenue that the QFWF receives for the e-books will be used to finance the Animal Wisdom program and subsequent non-profit educational QFWF projects.
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