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Animal Wisdom – from North, South, East and West

No. 2 English e-book, 2022

ISBN: 978 94 921 27 105


Dieren Wijsheid uit Noord, Zuid, Oost & West

No. 1 Dutch e-book, 2022

ISBN: 978 94 921 27 099

This e-book provides an explanation of the QFWF storytelling program. It unlocks the philosophy behind the Wheel of Animal Wisdom.

This e-book contains twenty animal stories coming from four different cultures in the North, South, East and West of the globe: the Snake, Salmon, Raven, Lion and other (mythical) animals are, consecutively, put in the spotlight.

In all stories, unique images of visual artists ― Caroline Young, Chrisje Ronde, Greg Suffanti, Louis Van Marissing, Nour Kayali, Robin Stemerding and Veronica HuisintVeld― express the wisdom of these animals.

Due to the appealing stories and artistic forms, the intercultural animal wisdom in this e-book feeds the soul very directly. The reflections by Dr. Heidi Muijen in all stories provide food for thought on how people as strange birds, smart foxes and courageous lions can develop ‘global citizenship’.

The photos – by Adri de Groot, Gea Smit, Heidi Muijen, Johann Gomes, Joke Koppius, Laurens Gomes, Maike Stegeman, Marie-Claire Marx, Miny Verberne and Moniek Steggerda – also visualise these animals’ wisdom.

This e-book is available in Dutch and in English. The English language version is translated by Greg Suffanti

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  • Intercultural storytelling bundles
  • Story collections from cultural storytelling traditions from North, South, East, West
  • English and Multilingual edition. The Dutch edition will be launched in August 2022.
A hundred percent of the revenue that the QFWF receives for the e-books will be used to finance the Animal Wisdom program and subsequent non-profit educational QFWF projects.
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