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The Wisdom Web of the Quest for Wisdom foundation is both an archive and a forum for cultural exchange to enhance wisdom between cultures.

Wisdom from all corners of the world is collected and presented in a unique and symbolic way through the Wheel of intercultural art of living.

The Wisdom Web is a forum for the intercultural art of living.

In its core are values ​​of inclusion of different cultures and the beauty of being different.

On the Wisdom Web, wisdom from all over the world is collected and presented in a special symbolic way.

In this sense, collecting, arranging, developing and presenting — via the Wheel of the Intercultural Art of Living — takes place in a very unique way, emphatically distinguished and handled differently than, for example, Wikipedia and other (open source) encyclopedias do.

In doing so, the QFWF wants to contribute to intercultural connections based on the realization that these:

  • grow through awareness of the historical roots of cultures,
  • thrive on interest in other cultures and wisdom traditions and
  • bear fruit through encounters and cross-cultural perspectives.

The Wisdom Web grows organically with a rich palette of philosophical, artistic and spiritual expression and reflections, which concretise the Wheel of the Intercultural Art of Living.
This is done thanks to the input of various QFWF-authors[1].

Wisdom Traditions and the Art of Living

The QFWF considers practices and visions, arts and crafts — of an (inter)cultural philosophical, art-oriented, religious and spiritual nature — as wisdom traditions and aspects of the art of living.

Wisdom is passed down from generation to generation by cultural communities in the form of origin myths and hero stories, sayings and proverbs, symbolism and rituals, arts and crafts, philosophical reflections and meditative practices.

Wisdom traditions and expressions of the art of living can be found in all cultures and can sometimes be linked to authors, philosophers or religious masters. However, often the oral and written traditions remain anonymous.

Wisdom traditions have been developed in an intercultural contexts from the very first contacts between cultures — through migrations and trade relations.

Sometimes new perspectives are discovered — at the pivotal time, at rifts in history — and sometimes wisdom, art and knowledge disappear into the ocean of ignorance.

At that, wisdom traditions are in continuous development, as we are with them. The heart of the quest for wisdom is in-between cultures and era’s.

In order to navigate from pre-historical era’s to late modern times, as well as between cultures to be able to use its dynamical growth for the development of intercultural wisdom, we need a multifaceted compass. A compass that is calibrated for historical, social and intercultural dimensions.

The Wheel of the Intercultural Art of Living and the Wisdom Web, together with the Golden Ratio of educational material and the Intercultural Wheel of Animal Wisdom, aim to fulfill this compass function. However diverse the expressions may be the QFWF Wheel of the Intercultural Art of Living provides an elemental ordering of the religious, cultural, spiritual, philosophical, artistic forms of wisdom as aspects of an intercultural art of living; providing an orientation for life in the cosmopolis.

Ultimately, wisdom requires an inner connection of an individual with handed down knowledge and practices. Consulting the Wisdom Web thus appeals to the development of the inner compass of visitors of our website…

Elemental Ordering of the Wisdom Web

Within the elemental ordering of the Wisdom Web — earth, water, air, fire and ether — the QFWF uses symbols to refer to wisdom traditions and its different aspects (dimensions) according to the Wheel of the Intercultural Art of Living: with five elementary fields, sixteen wisdom paths and with six dimensions.

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[1] QFWF authors are authors, actors, artists, designers, drafters, photographers, illustrators, video and film makers and other producers of text, images, sound, and stakeholders who make the texts and other materials available to a QFWF-site have made.