An Indian Jewel



EN, 2022, ISBN: 978 94 921 271 36
173 pages, dimensions 25*25 cm

The QFWF is proud to release our sixth e-book from our Animal Wisdom Collection, Jewels of Indian Folklore ― Blurring and Blending of Cultures

We are very happy that Dr. Nivedita Yohana and Greg Suffanti have not only retold some of the classic Hindu Panchatantra stories, they have also created original works for this e-book!
We believe that these timeless classics are still very valuable and have much to offer modern readers, both young and old! Greg and Nivedita have therefore added a number of ‘questions for dialogue’ sections, to both challenge and enhance the readers’ experience of the relevance of the stories for educational and autodidactic purposes.

This sixth e-book in the QFWF Animal Wisdom Collection combines both actual Panchatantra stories and original story content, inspired by this ancient storytelling tradition, in which wisdom is mirrored through the lives of animals. To the 20 stories we have added reflections that highlight both the cultural roots in Indian traditions as well as the elemental animal wisdom found in these tales: how all living beings are connected with elements of earth, water, wind & air, fire, and ether, the fifth element.

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