Caught in the net of the Fisherman


Kathy Anita de Vries-de Graaf

Wijsheidsweb, 17 september 2020

The World of Passion

The heavens cannot contain me, or the void, or winged
exalted intelligences and souls:
Yet I am contained, as a guest in the heart of the true believer

Without any qualification, without any definition or description.
From this mirror, every second, appear fifty wedding feasts for the spirit,
Pay attention to the mirror, but never, ever Ask me to describe it.

Andrew Harvey

About Rumi’s poetry

The net of the fisherman — photo Joke Koppius

This poetry is like the net of the fisherman, once you are caught in it, there is no escape anymore. These words come from the origin of the origin. They are like drops of the water of the ocean, completely alive, shining with light, breaking the light of the sun into your heart.
With this movement, you can become part of these words. These words find their way into your being. With their sparkling brilliance, they echo the breath, on which they were spoken by the soul of the mystic, who carried them in himself.

Just to give them to you as a gift of his innermost being.

They are the signposts along the path, which you are looking for in the confusion of life.

They have the capacity of healing the wounds, you suffered in the past. Their taste on your tongue soothes your sins. When this happens, they will fall into the space, which is created in yourself. There they remain until you have understood their meaning and digested them completely. This is the secret of those living words, as Rumi says, the secret of my song, though near, none can see and none can hear.

The promise lies into the words, though near.

These words, though near, mark the journey of the caravanserai, which you yourself are part of.

The beginning of my search to enter into the crucial theme in Rumi’s life, the meeting with Shams-e-Tabrizi through the shining of Buber’s dialogical thinking.

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Ik studeerde vijf jaar hoofdvak piano op de conservatoria in Den Haag en Utrecht. Daarna volgde ik enige lessen bij Louis Kentner in Londen. Mijn tweede man Marco de Vries (o.a. oprichter van het Helen Dowling Instituut) bracht mij in aanraking met de nu 96-jarige pianiste Elly Salomé. Haar lessen die ik nog wekelijks volg zijn vanwege haar enorme kennis en betrokkenheid een inspirerende en verrijkende (zowel ei als ij) ervaring.