The myth of the Queen of the Mermaids


Caroline Young, artwork and text

QFWF, October 28th 2019 © Source: The art of Caroline R. Young (2002), Heritage Immortals
Pearl of Wisdom

According to ancient Chinese legend, the Queen of the Mermaids possesses the Pearl of Wisdom.

The Pearl of Wisdom is associated with spiritual energy, wisdom of all that is to be known, prosperity, supreme power, immortality, thunder, and the moon.

Chinese folklore tells of the mighty Dragon forever chasing after the Queen of the Mermaids in an attempt to capture the Pearl and swallow it. It is said that should he should ever succeed in his attempt, he will control the universe.

Caroline Young captures the beautiful Mermaid as she effortlessly rides the Dragon of the Seas, demonstrating her supreme and eternal powers over man and nature.

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As an adopted child of Chinese-American expatriates, I have always been intrigued by how the Chinese culture explained the mysteries of the universe.