A masterclass “Serendipity”


Proyecta nature & art fusion

By artist Fernando Ledesma

In an artistic ambiance ‘en el campo’ near Salamanca, Spain.

For one week you will be submerged in a beautiful place full of art and natural materials. This ambiance gives inspiration, with music and the charismatic teaching of artist Fernando Ledesma. A place to stay for rest and creative activities, decorated with the mosaics he has made. These are the best ingredients to experience the power of co-creation, serendipity and the alchemy between the natural elements earth, wind, fire to go with the flow!

With a small group of max. 12 people

You can choose to participate just one day up to one week with bed & breakfast and wifi!

The artist

Fernando Ledesma is a Salamanca-born painter and sculptor Fernando Ledesma personifies the vitality and verve of art in Castilla y León. His extensive portfolio includes painting, sculpture and décor… forged by a long-standing career in art that includes exhibitions in Spain, Portugal, Switzerland, the USA, Mexico and Germany, etc.

He has transformed the traditional granaries situated in the town of Cilloruelo, just a few kilometers outside the city of Salamanca, left to him by his father, the poet José Ledesma, into an art complex. It includes his own workshop and studio as well as two unique apartments offering the chance to relax in the tranquil atmosphere on the banks of the Tormes in a truly artistic setting.

Fernando Ledesma’s paintings are characterized by his close study of the subjects and the use of natural pigments and iron-based oxides. The result is a palette of colors, similar to those used in traditional Spanish painting. Earth and ochre tones that appear to emerge from the lands of Castile, shades of iron and rust that blend to form a perfect balance with Nature.


Participatory, flexible, intercultural, cooperative.


Objective of the activities is to cooperate in the transmission of the QFWF Wheel of Intercultural Philosophy on the Art of Living. This will be aimed at by means of a series of themes presented in the masterclasses. The themes are based on the five natural elements/ elementary fields of wisdom: Earth, water, fire, air and ether.

That is why, Masterclass “Serendipity” comprises a total of five sessions, based on these elementary fields. It is advisable to attend all five sessions, but they are independent, so it also offers the possibility of attending one or more of the sessions, depending on availability and choice.

The serendipity masterclasses

Master class Aarde – oog (earth and eye)

In which, through painting and recycled materials, cultures related to this element will be taught. For this, colors related to these cultures will also be used.

  • This activity includes a schedule of 6 hours, 3 in the morning and 3 in the afternoon.
  • Minimum 10 people maximum 12 participants

Master class Water – hart (water and heart)

In which through sculpture you will learn to represent the cultures related to this field, which derive from natural and contrary movements and cosmic laws with meandering lifestyles, such as: Confucian; Daoist and Sufi.

  • This activity includes a schedule of 6 hours, 3 in the morning and 3 in the afternoon.

Master class Lucht – spiraal (air and spiral)

In which through a performance of painting and music, and a mindfullnes of the air we want to resort to individual and intercultural forms of wisdom, based on insight and breathing paths, such as following cultures: Buddhist, advaita vedanta; gnosis and mysticism; Germanic, Celtic and Nordic perspectives.

  • This activity includes a schedule of 6 hours, 3 in the morning and 3 in the afternoon.

Master class Vuur – hand (fire and hand)

Through the mosaic technique we will work religious and spiritual traditions in which fire plays an important role, such as animist-shamanic, Hindu and monotheistic directions (Zoroasatric, Jewish, Christian and Islamic).

  • This activity includes a schedule of 6 hours, 3 in the morning and 3 in the afternoon.

Master class Ether – lemniscaat (ether and lemniscates)

Meetings between cultures, proposing to create a mural with all the artists and cultures that participate in this masterclass.

  • This activity includes a schedule of 6 hours, 3 in the morning and 3 in the afternoon.

Practical information





60 €

70 €

130 €


120 €

140 €

260 €


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390 €


240 €

280 €

520 €


300 €

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650 €

Contact information

Fernando Ledesma, Cilloruelo, Salamanca, Spain
Mail: fernandoledesma7@gmail.com
Web: Fernando Ledesma
Phone: 669 99 02 66 / 686 11 11 20

Más información en La Panera Vieja Cilloruela, Salamanca

Avatar foto

son of lawyer and poet. Grew up in a house full of art and literature and studied from the age of 6 at the “Escuela de Artes de San Eloy” and then at the “Escuela de Artes y Oficios”. Later I studied “Bellas Artes” at the University of Salamanca. I have devoted my life to painting.

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