The Wealthy Farmer and the Snake


Tale by Nivedita Yohana

Wisdom web, December 22, 2020
The Wealthy Farmer and the Snake ― watercolour by Greg Suffanti

Once upon a time there was a wealthy farmer who became jealous of his hardworking neighbor who was progressing even faster than him. Threatened by his progress, the wealthy farmer began to plot to harm his neighbor so that he would not be able to work.

As he was passing through a forest, he saw a snake which was napping peacefully under the shade of a tree. Since the wealthy farmer was driven by jealousy, he immediately devised a plan.

He woke up the snake and asked if it could help him kill his neighbor in return for a pot of gold. The snake, driven by greed, agreed instantly. The wealthy farmer brought the snake to his house with a plan to kill his neighbor.

The snake, upon reaching the wealthy farmer’s house, saw an abundance of riches: a farm full of chicken and cattle. Tempted by these, the snake had a change of heart. Instead of crawling into the neighbor’s house to kill him that night, the snake secretly invited his family into the wealthy farmer’s farm in order to devour and steal all his poultry and cattle.

The next morning, the snake was nowhere to be found, and the wealthy farmer was surprised to see his neighbor, alive and happily working on his farm.
When he went frantically in search of the snake, he ended up finding that all his poultry and cattle were either dead or missing.

Moral: What you sow, you will reap. Your intentions, be they evil or good, always come back to you.

Nivedita Yohana

Since early on I had the affinity to learn more about what lies beyond our mundane existence and that made me pursue my studies in that field. Even though my study is in the field of English Literature, I have always inculcated philosophical insights into my analysis. Quest for Wisdom Foundation is a great initiative by Dr. Heidi and when I first heard about it, I immediately saw amazing potentials in it.

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