Kofi Dorvlo

Kofi Dorvlo is a Ghanaian former visiting research fellow of the African Studies Centre Leiden (2019). He was awarded his PhD in 2008 at Leiden University for his study on the documentation of the language and culture of the Logba population in Ghana: A grammar of Logba (Ikpana). See: openaccess.leidenuniv.nl/handle/1887/12945.

As a researcher, Kofi Dorvlo was first connected to the University of Ghana in Accra (Legon), then to the University of Health and Allied Sciences in Ho in the Volta Region.

His recent article, ‘Restitution and Redistribution of Ewe Heritage’, was included in a volume edited by dr. Daniela Merolla and dr. Mark Turin in 2017, which was entitled: ‘Searching for Sharing: Heritage and Multimedia in Africa.

Kofi’s current research focuses on the stories and rituals of the Ewe people in Southeast Ghana.

A Logba maxim says:

a-zuzɔ fɛ́ alɛ blɔ-mɛ i-bo
Houseflies also have their importance

Meaning: one should value all contributions

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