Dan Diojdescu

Constructing and de-constructing narratives – my own and others; this is what I do, as a researcher, teacher, and public speaker, curator, consultant, social actor … and in few more roles.

I have two masters and, most recently an MBA with RSM, Erasmus University, 20+ years experience in marketing, communication, budgeting, and general business management.

I have lived in a few countries — France, Romania, India, Belgium, Netherlands, Italy — and traveled in a few more.
Therefore, I can attach many labels to myself; the one, however, I chose to do is that of sentient – being characterized by sensation and consciousness.

I am interested in community(s) building in the context of urban and social renewal. I believe that IT, biomimicry and General System Theory can help it.

You make me fall in love with Me!’ – I see this as a first step for community building